Characterised Control Valve

Model : R2..XX-S
Valve Size : DN15-DN150 (1/2″ – 6″)
Body Material : Brass Body nickel-plated
Ball : Stainless Steel
Rated Pressure : 1600 KPa
Angle of Operation : 90 degree
Valve Application : Cold and Warm Water Systems

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Characterised Control Valve has been designed for opening and closing cold and warm water system. We are successful in solving the problem of distorted flow characteristic of ordinary ball valves. We called it Characterising Disc in the inlet of the Characterised Control Valve. The actual is regulated by the hole in the ball and by the V-Shaped aperture in the characterising disc.


  • High Close-Off pressure
  • Tight Sealing
  • Excellent Stability of control
  • Valve size available in 1/2″ – 6″

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