ACT/VEI series is thermal technology valve for Fan Coil Unit. When the room thermostat sends opening signal, the valve will be opened and vice versa. The valve body is globe valve style, which is designed to control flow of fluid effectively. ACT/VEI has an indicator to show the status of valve opening/closing. ACT/VEI can support the close-off pressure up to 200 KPa.

ACT/VEI Series

Model : ACT/VEI
Body Material : Brass
Valve Size : DN15-DN25 (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″)
Power Supply : 230VAC/50Hz
Control Signal : On/Off with Spring Return
Manual Operation : Yes
Close-Off Pressure : Max. up to 200KPa
Valve Appication : Cold and Hot Water for Fan Coil Unit