EF series is spring-return damper actuator for adjusting dampers in the technical building installations. Air Damper is size up to 6.0 sq.m. The running time is about 75s.

Air Damper size up to approx. 6.0 sq.m.
Nominal Torque 30 Nm
Nominal Voltage 24VAC/VDC, 230VAC/50Hz
Control Open-Close, 3-Point or Proportional

Belimo Damper Actuator, EF Series, 30Nm

Model : EF
Power Supply : 230VAC
Nominal Torque : 30Nm, Damper size up to 6.0 sq.m.
Control Signal : On/Off with Spring Return
Manual Operation : Gear Disengagement with push-button
Angle of Operation : 90 degree
Running Time : 75S / 90 Degree
Application : Opening/Closing Damper