NMQ is fast running damper actuator for adjusting dampers in the technical building installations. Air Damper is size up to 1.5 sq.m. The running time is 4s.

  • Air Damper size up to approx. 1.5 sq.m.
  • Nominal Torque 8 Nm
  • Nominal Voltage 24VAC/50Hz
  • Control Open-Close and Proportional (0-10VDC)

Belimo Damper Actuator, NMQ Fast Running, 8Nm

Model : NMQ
Power Supply : 24VAC
Nominal Torque : 8Nm, Damper size up to 1.5 sq.m.
Control Signal : On/Off or Proportional
Manual Operation : Gear Disengagement with push-button
Angle of Operation : 90 degree
Running Time : 4S / 90 Degree
Application : Opening/Closing Damper