SRFA series is electric-return rotary actuator for ball valves. It has been designed for use in HVAC system. The running time is about 75s.

Available for ball valve size : 4″ – 6″
Nominal Torque : 40 Nm
Nominal Voltage : 24VAC/VDC, 230VAC/50Hz
Control Signal : Open-Close, Proportional (0-10VDC)

Belimo Rotary Actuator, GRK Series, 40Nm

Model : GRK
Power Supply : 24VAC/VDC, 230VAC
Nominal Torque : 40Nm
Control Signal : On/Off or Proportional with Spring Return
Manual Operation : Yes
Angle of Operation : 90 degree
Running Time : 75S / 90 Degree
Application : Opening/Closing Valve