Fingerprint Scan Door Lock for you Private Home, Condominium and Office

Home security is the most important. The fingerprint scan door lock lift up your security to new levels to prevent crimes against your family, your home and your personal assets. Tocono keeps ahead with fingerprint lock technology. Our biometric keyless locks are for safe convenient access to your home. With our high security biometric door locks you will never have to replace your door lock again due to lost, borrowed or stolen keys.

F913 Fingerprint Lock

Card Type : Proximity 125KHz Key Card
Power Supply : 4 pcs 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery
Static Current : 15 uA
Storage Temperature : -10 – 75 Deg C
Working Temperature : 0 – 60 Deg C
Unlocking Method : Fingerprint or Touch card on the reader
Indicator : Light and Sound Indicator
Battery Life Time : 1 Year