Touch Screen Door Bell consists of Inside Panel and Outside Panel. The inside panel works together with the outside panel. The inside panel consists of “Don’t Disturb” and “Make Up Room” Its function is to set the status by touching on the panel. Then, the status will show at the outside panel. This is suitable for hotel business. The icons and wordings can be personalized.
The doorbell system is made of the finest material. The look and feel are modern and fashionable.
The outside touch screen doorbell is to show the status set by inside panel. The outside panel consists of “Don’t Disturb”, “Make Up Room” and “Bell” that it uses Red, Green and Blue LED indicators. The function of outside panel is as below:
– If inside panel set the status “Don’t Disturb”, the “Don’t Disturb” sign of outside panel will be flashing when someone press Bell button. Also, the electric bell is not working.
– If inside panel sets the status “Make Up Room”, the “Make Up Room” sign of outside panel will display in “Green LED”. When touching Bell button, the electric bell will sound.
– If inside panel don’t set any status, the electric bell will sound when touching Bell button.


Power Supply 230VAC/50Hz
Configuration Inside Panel, Outside Panel, and Electric Bell
Max. Load
Application Doorbell
Indicator Blue Backlight
Dimension W86 x H86 x D25 mm