VMA/AMA Series is control valve to control the flow of chilled water in Fan Coil Unit (FCU). VMA/AMA is proportional signal 0-10 VDC control valve that the motor will drive to both open and close the valve. VMA/AMA series can support higher close-off pressure system than spring return control valve. VMA/AMA Motorized Valve is suitable for the high rise buildings.

VMA/AMA Series

Model : VMA/AMA
Body Material : Brass
Valve Size : DN15-DN25 (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″)
Power Supply : 24VAC/50Hz
Control Signal : 0-10 VDC
Manual Operation : Yes
Close-Off Pressure : Max. upto 300KPa
Valve Application : Cold and Hot Water for Fan Coil Unit